Choosing Your Web Design Company

Choosing a Website Design Company

There are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a website company. You can buy from a large nationwide company; you will find many of these companies advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and on TV. There are large firms that also advertise and call into the area and there are the local companies to the Rogue Valley, Oregon, and the Northwest. 

What Does a Website Designer Charge

What you get charged for a website can be very little to quite a lot. There are some companies that charge nothing and supply templates to make it easy to get a website up. Others help you get it built and provide DIY (do it yourself) tools. Still others will build it and after they collect for the build of your website somewhat disappear, still others will build and manage the site. 

Free Website Design

If you are looking for free website design make sure that you use a company that will charge a low website hosting fee and an easy to use DIY tool. The most important thing to consider is what it would cost if you do decide to move your website to a different designer. 

Pay for Design and Build Only

You can find plenty of people who fit into this mold. There are many companies and individuals that can provide you with a website for a flat fee and then you usually will host that site on a Registrar like GoDaddy. This can be a good or bad choice. If you find a good designer and that person uses a template that will be easy for you to make changes on you might be very happy. You might say that you won’t make changes so you don’t care about that. The problem is that over time Google and the other search engines will find the site less and less relevant; this will make the website harder and harder to find.

Design and Hosting

This is a great choice because you have someone that can make some more difficult changes and add pages when your company needs them. Most businesses don’t realize that more we pages help the search engines serve up relevant information about your business easier. So having design service available is a very good thing to consider. Ask what it would cost to build you a new page and what it would cost to change the look of your website would be two things to ask.

Design and Management

There are quite a few website design companies that are using this model and for a good reason.Both the design company and the business with the website can really benefit from this model. It can be more profitable for the design company and it can also be less expensive for the company with the website. If you want your website to perform (get found) on the internet, I recommend that you consider a managed website program.

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