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 I am always looking for ideas to help my customers and keep myself aware of what is happening digitally. Below you will find information that can help you if you are looking for ways to get better results from your websites and social sites. Hope you find these posts as a helpful tool to your digital media marketing and your search engine optimization.


Google and Ai (Artificial intelligence)

see what RankBrain is all about: 10 THINGS WE KNOW ABOUT GOOGLE’S RANKBRAIN SIGNAL

1. RankBrain is the third most important ranking signal in Google Search. 2. RankBrain was deployed several months ago. 3. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to put written language into mathematical entities (vectors) that computers can understand. 4. If RankBrain sees a word/phrase it doesn’t know, the machine guesses what words/phrases might havesimilar meanings. 5. RankBrain specifically helps with never-before-seen search queries. 6. RankBrain is better than humans (even Googlers) at guessing which results Google would rank number one for various queries. 7. RankBrain is the first Google search ranking signal that actually learns on its own. 8. Turning RankBrain off is as damaging to users as turning off half of Wikipedia pages. 9. RankBrain is so effective, Google engineers were surprised at how well it worked. 10. Machine learning is a major focus of Google right now, which probably means we’ll see RankBrain itself and other endeavors in this area improve greatly in the future. for entire story click through toGet news and advice to keep your site relevant:


Google my business updates

Recently Google changed the map section for local search on Google! You may have noticed that there are fewer listings in the map section. This may cause an increase of business if you are one of the three companies luckily on the search, but if you are not one of the lucky three selected by Google’s algorithms you are probably seeing things a lot different. Besides this big change Google My Business has made other changes and if you are not aware it could cause your profile to completely disappear (I manage some of my clients profiles and noticed that Google was asking for changes to all but one of them). Some of the changes made Monday 10/05/15 or Tuesday 10/06/15 of this week are the number of photos allowed in the profile and a maximum text description. I believe these changes will make it more difficult for business to reach the first page through the map section. Another update was made a few months back that helps Google pull the profiles to the first page on the maps and this works by looking at the websites indexed information.

I can help you get up to speed with all the Google changes and would love to talk about helping your website’s opportunity online.

One more thing… It is apparent that Google is making it harder for website to reach the first page of search and now the same goes for the map section and your Google My Business profile. My recommendation is to have that page managed. More than ever your online presence is being attacked by algorithm updates and there is nothing you can do except to get on board to what Google wants. Remember Google really is not attacking you or your website, The main intent is to give their customers and your customers the best search experience possible.


Consumers are not all alike 

 For some strange reason we think everyone does things like us and many do, but not all. If that was the case my wife would like boxing, going camping and watching old movies. We do like many of the same things, but she likes reading magazines, romance, and sitting by herself, which I don’t.


If you did research before you bought your vehicle, TV, and furniture the same way I did, we would probably have the same things. If we were looking for some help fixing a project and we looked in the same places for that help we would probably hire the same people, but I don’t do it exactly like you. Neither does consumers looking for your services. Google said currently “it takes 10.7 references to a business on average before someone will make a purchase.”


Why top of mind advertising is important

So we know that some people get a reference for you and end up purchasing from you, how can that be if it takes on average 10.7 references. Let’s say they already know about you from driving by or seeing your vehicles in town, you might have radio or TV currently or in the past, maybe you have sponsored something like a team and you have ads running in several places. You thought it was that one word of mouth, but it wasn’t most likely. Have you been introduced to an individual before that you never met? How long can you remember their name? I can’t 5 to 10 minutes after I was introduced unless I get more acquainted, I mean I need to keep hearing their name by many people and I need to talk to them and get to know them a little more than just a name. That is how word of mouth works… Google is right when they say it takes 10.7 references to your business.


The forgotten and the remembered

One last thing from stories i have heard over the many years that I have been marketing. The # 1 beer used to be Burgie, #1 soda was RC Cola, #1 hamburger joint was A&W. These companies stopped aggressively marketing their brand for one reason or another, maybe they thought everyone knew them, but while they shrunk their ad budgets other companies took advantage and started strong ad campaigns that helped them become the names that households found familiar and notice this, that each company that marketed more like Coke, Budweiser and McDonald’s each surpassed the old kings of the category. After these brands became the giants that they are; If Coke, Bud or Micky D’s ever stopped marketing there are plenty of other companies hoping to take over.