Pay Per Click AdWords for Southern Oregon

Pay-Per-Click, Guaranteed 1st Page

Do you want to be on the first page of Google? Using pay per click can get you at the top of Google almost immediately and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

Target Your Audience with Adwords

Have you noticed the ads at the top of search pages? These ads produce excellent results and can get you in front of your ideal customers. Highlight the kind of services, products, and areas most important to your business, with Adwords also called pay per click or search engine marketing and guess what; you only pay when you get a click. You are essentially  using ads built around your specific needs to your business to help drive traffic to your site. And Adwords works, that is way so many companies, big and small, use Adwords to drive search traffic to their sites.

 AdWords – Targeted Ads – Pay-Per-Click

Using local, regional, state, and even national targets you can choose the level of exposure you’d like to achieve and get seen by people who need your services or products on the first page when they search on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Your ad will be built around your needs and how the consumers is searching for your service or product, this way you will really stand out! If they are interested, you will be clicked on and then you will pay a small fee to show off why you are the best choice. This is called paying for warm leads, think about it; someone that wants what you have and when they search Google, Yahoo and Bing, an ad specific to your needs and the consumers needs will show up.

Imagine your car wont start, you make a search on your phone for: Mobile mechanic… and when the search shows you the results, you see the first result and it says Mobile Mechanic- Fast Service & Affordable. Would you click on that businesses ad? Well it is just like that; we will build you ads specific to how we see people search for your service or product and when they see you are the perfect result from their search they pick you to view your website or directly call. Does it get better than that?

Warm Leads with Pay Per Click

– Get found by your perfect customers

– Built around your unique needs

– Pay for performance only program

Designed to Be Cost Effective

Don’t pay for search you don’t want by using negative keywords. By utilizing negative keywords, we can eliminate inaccurate search engine hits. Using this method, we’re able to ensure that you don’t pay for services, products, or areas of business that you don’t want to sell in. Give us Call and we can discuss what is the most profitable and what areas of business you might want to leave alone.

Weekly Reporting & Live Reporting

We will mail you weekly reports showing you the results of the past week, you can also sign into your portal and see things live and for any time period you may want. You can also call and ask for a report of your program and we will email it with the date range asked for. We go the extra mile…